PMJ is a company 100% Mexican; which aims to commercialize components for plastic injection molds, packaging material especially polyethylene bags, whose competitive advantage is price leadership, excellent and faster distribution of product to our customers.
We are a highly competitive company in the market for indirect and direct materials for the Maquiladora industry by providing the service and quality that our customers demand.


We are a company specializing in the marketing of packaging materials and plastic parts by injection mold for the maquiladora industry, generating confidence to our customers through our delivery times and storage capacity, which makes us an organization focused on service and quality that our customers demand.


By the end of 2016 we will be a company recognized nationally for its speed to meet the demands of our customers, our processes allow us to maintain a solid structure to meet national demand with speed and efficiency as we do with local demand.


PMJ began its operations in March 2015 with 2 objectives to cover these are:

  • Optimize maximum material delivery times, creating a logistics and storage system that will allow us to be the fastest in the city.
  • Service and Quality of our products is everything for PMJ INDUSTRIAL, Currently customer service is not only enough to bring the product on time but it is to respond to emergency situations that arise in such a way that our client does not have to worry at all about our products.

Quality politics